What difference between MT4 and MT5 forex trading system programming from developer angle?

The MQL is language of MT4 and MT5 software , their grammar is similar to C and C++ language.
In fact, it isn't diffcult for a programming veteran facing to the change from MT4 to MT5, the most difficult is finding the profitable trade plan , I developed forex robot for few years, the following sum up the difference, I hope it can help you:

1.MT5 programming is object-oriented programming (OOP), MT4 programming is procedure-oriented programming (POP). now the software developers learn OOP thinking after learning basic grammar, OOP, the main idea is realistic and abstract matters into object methods, properties and events, these theories become the cornerstone of software development, many people can not write quality code, the process is often a problem with this abstract , after the establishment of model , writing code is very easy.

For example:
I want to create a robot class, should create the prototype basically :
Class MyRobot
int state; / / the current state of the robot
double lots; / / lots
int CheckCondition ();// check the condition of close or open order
bool placeOrder (); / / open order
bool closeOrder ();// close order

2. Apart from the above difference ,MT5 expert running in current window can get the the objects in other window , so establish trading system based on multi-timeframe is very effective. 
For example, you need to know the trend H1 and also consider the trend H4, the trend line indicator runs on the two charts . The MT4 has no such function, except with the file saving function , and read this file in another chart, this is very far-fetched, but also limited by file system.

3. Timer function 
In MT4 programming , it is price changes-driven, in MT5 programming, There is OnTimer() function as addition, so when the price stops moving or you want to implement a function at time point ,
it is very good maneuverability.

4. Keyboard or mouse events 
I think this feature is not useful to design a full-automatic trading system, it doesn't need to mix the human brain and software. I don't use in this function. the development.

5. News release 
While developmenting project or running an EA, in order to s sent signal or message to the subscriber's phone or for monitoring by yourself, you can use sendmail and sendftp to send SMS or build a web page , I have write this code successfully, of course, we third-party support to sending sms .

for example, I released the candlestick patterns chart to website , You can get newest pattern through our website (http://www.myfxidea.com/realsignal.html), are easily obtained the information he wants,
if your clients need to see the online account chart in any place (such as a hotel, or cell phone) , then these technologies will require use of into.

Who am I? 
My name is Fei hongbin, from China.I wrote a software developer for 20 years,
Feeling: It is not so simple that thinking like human to create a trading system , such as convering the foreign exchange element to an indicator, trading system code correctness, finite state machine design, which is a basics of powerful trading system.

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