HongDi science & technology development co.,ltd., located in HuZhou, ZheJiang, China, specializes in developing and supporting forex expert software. Our group has been providing reliable Forex signals since 2008. We are team of professional traders with quite knowledgeable, after working for several ten years in the financial and currency market, We developed our trading expert for MT4/MT5 and to provide other traders a same time with reliable and accurate signals for trading. We only send out signals after we make a technical analysis on the forex market . Thousands of private investors all over the world are using our daily alerts in their everyday work and find them accurate and profitable. Our goal is to provide members with the confidence and strategy to survive a volatile market. Trade safe, trade profitable.

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Co-Founder, President and CEO, Programmer and Trader, has writen Quest CandleStick pattern and CuteRobot trade system for forex trading, combined forex technology (Trendline , Fibonacci and Elliott Wave ) and software technology .

Fei hongbin lead the design and architectural effort of several foundational products TCAD programming component at www.codeidea.com. he managed the forex trade signal service too. his roots are in ZheJiang, China, where he grew up and later attended the Industry University at ZheJiang.


Forex trading related products

Cutesignal - forex trade signals
The Cutesignal, forex trade signals will be send to you by email and SMS , 1 signals are possible within a day. All our signals have two entrance levels, stop loss and take profit.

Quest CandleStick pattern indicator
Quest Candlestick Pattern Indicator is an indicator for MT4/MT5 , it monitors more than 37 pattern in real-time with full version;Notify you by Arrow,Email and Sound.



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