forex signal We are an skilled and trained traders with many years of forex trading experience, Cutesignal service send forex signals , it will be send to you by email and SMS , 1 signals are possible within a day. All our signals have 3 parameter , entrance price, stop loss and take profit. The cost of monthly subscription is quite moderate compared to the profit, which you may make. They are delivered automatically directly to your e-mail and by SMS to your mobile phone worldwide. Alternatively, you can see them online in your members area.

If you are register user, we send the forex signals, you will get a sms or email like this:

forex signals : BUY GBPUSD @1.4397 S1.4345 T1.4480

it means: You should buy gbpusd at price 14397, stoploss price is 1.4345, takeprofit price is 1.4480. Not need to move stoploss price while trading.You can place an order like this, if you haven't get any message from us, please do NOT trade.

forex trade signals Benefits:

Get a SMS message and email whenever a new trade is generated. Receive Real-Time Forex Signal Mobile Phone Alerts on any phone in over 200 Countries.

Gain the knowledge of a professional forex trader.

All our signals contain exactly where to enter and exit from trade.

Receive real-time market analysis.

Send your feedback on news and trading ideas.

You can use our signals with any forex broker (MT4 or MT5 or others).

Watch trading and view the results which you can duplicate on your own.



forex signal  

Forex Signals kind list

There is 3 commands in our cutesignal for forex trading:

[Place Order] buy EURJPY 5 lots @ 129.915 s/l: 129.35 t/p: 130.5
[Move Stoploss and takeprofit] Move order #804 sell EURJPY 5 lots @ 129.963 s/l:130.66/ t/p:128/ open at Jul 10 2013 17:21:41 to s/l:129.9 t/p:128
[Close Order] Close order #804 sell EURJPY 5 lots @ 129.776 s/l:130.32/ t/p:128.8/ open at Jul 07 2013 22:06:56